Company Formation

In a UKlimited company the liability of the owners is limited to the amount that they have invested in the company through the purchase of shares. Limited companies are divided into public companies (PLC) and private companies.
We specialise in the formation of limited companies, in the main private companies,and this allows a business to trade with the protection of the owners.

We aim to form a company in a day (excluding weekends)providing we have the correct information from you. This information is listed below.
Our fees are £29 for the formation of the company plus an electronic copy of the certificate of incorporation.

Required Information:

  • Name of the company
  • Name and addresses of Shareholders and % shareholding
  • Name and addresses of Directors
  • Company Secretary details if required
  • Company Registered Office


  1. Company Formation Services  £29
  2. Registered Office address and mail forwarding from £25 per month
  3. Company Secretarial Service £30 per month (excluding disbursements)
  4. Trading Office Services – please contact us to discuss level of service required

Special Offer

Take Registered Office and Company Secretarial Service together for £50 – saving £5 per month

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